About Toti

After a successful 19-year career as a high-level marketing executive and entrepreneur that saw her manage well-known brands around the world, Toti is now a business/life coach, speaker, trainer and author. She founded U-Fulfilled on the premise that when individuals and companies live according to their true calling, personal and organizational alignment will be increased, leading to better overall performance in every aspect of their lives.

Toti is on a mission to teach and inspire others so they can live the lives they truly desire through individual and group coaching, training, and motivational speaking.

Born and raised in Colombia, Toti has spent the last 25 years in the U.S. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business, and master’s degrees in Marketing and in Organizational Development, all from the University of Colorado. She holds a QSCA coaching certification and is a licensed master-level graduate of the Avatar Self-Empowerment Training Program.

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We inspire and assist individuals and organizations in discovering their personal brand, their unique essence, their key motivators, and what they need to overcome to achieve true success through the application of key enlightening principles.


Create an enlightened society full of people who live a life of self-actualization, purpose and true happiness.