If you are looking for a content-rich and uplifting speaker who can thrill, inspire, and motivate your audience, then you’ve come to the right place!

Toti can inspire any type of group – large or small, corporate or non-profit, professionals or stay-at-home parents. She guides and teaches those wanting to change some aspect of their lives how to apply principles that help them connect with their true self, analyze why certain choices have been made, and consider the consequences of their actions. From choices affecting both work and home life, participants will learn to make decisions that really come from the inside out and are aligned with their inner selves, helping them become truly authentic individuals capable of making their dreams a beautiful reality. Attendees will walk away with a feeling of self-worth and the desire to change their lives for the better.

Toti can present these topics as speeches or interactive workshops lasting from hours to days, depending on your needs:


It’s about discovering what fills your heart with happiness. People often forget that true happiness comes from the inside-out. If we can discover our deepest inner desires, we can all increase the everyday quality of our lives, and that positivity will reflect onto everyone around us. More fulfilled people are always happier, less stressed and more likely to succeed at whatever they’re doing.

Toti can guide an audience or workshop group through the process of learning the steps they will need to take to discover their soul’s true calling.

Work/Life Balance

If you know what impact you want to have on the world, anything is possible. By prioritizing what’s important to us, we are all capable of creating a life that fits that description.Without having those priorities clearly laid out for us, we cannot be truly present – be that at home with our kids, or on the job. By applying your inner desires and dreams to both aspects of life, the two can be combined in a way that will make both work and home life more joyous than ever before.

As a corporate veteran and parent, Toti has been there herself. She will teach participants how to find the energy to accomplish both roles and that success in one doesn’t have to be at the expense of the other.

Learning to Trust Your Intuition

Contrary to what many people believe, everyone has a sense of intuition. The question is how often do we truly listen to it? Most of us solely make decisions using the facts at hand. By complementing the facts with our gut feeling – our inner voice – we can make the most authentic and educated decisions, both in our personal and professional lives.

When our heart directs our decisions, they come from a place where there is no ego and where the well-being of everyone involved is taken into consideration. Intuition gives us alignment with our true purpose and alerts us to when negative “vibes” enter our space and throw us off course.

Participants will learn the difference between what’s real and what is only a projection of their fears. They will also be able to extrapolate their inner desires without the burden of outside influences that might cloud their judgment and cause them to fall back into the same old patterns that have gotten them nowhere.

It’s all about trusting the gift inside all of us: our heart!

Effectively Dealing With Stress

We all have stress on some level in most aspects of our life – but it’s how you deal with it that makes the difference. Stress can affect us as much physically as mentally, leading to fatigue, bad habits and even mood disorders. This can be particularly harmful in the workplace.

Toti can teach the audience to recognize when they are allowing too much stress into their lives and teach methods to deal with it in a way that will lead to a healthier inner-balance, greater productivity and a better attitude towards life.

Women’s Empowerment

Women in particular have to deal with the hectic balance of work and family life. All-to-often, however, we misalign our priorities because of indoctrinated ideas of our roles in society, putting ourselves into a predefined “box” of who we should be and what we should do.

These programmed beliefs tend to lead to confidence issues is many women. When it comes to the workplace, for example, this is particularly true. Studies have shown that many women won’t pursue a position if they feel that that they are not 100% compatible with it… whereas men will almost always go for it. Why do so many women hesitate with these types of decisions? Even though this lack of confidence and hesitation are really just products of societal dogma, many of us accept them as unbendable rules of behavior.

Toti will teach attendees to let go of these limiting beliefs and attitudes that make so many women hold back their talents and teach them how to gain self-confidence so they can achieve their personal and professional dreams to be able to live a truly fulfilled life.

Discover Your Personal Brand

Discovering the unique “you” can bring the most positive consequences to your life. As you bring out your authentic self and develop your personal brand, you will gain the highest confidence in yourself, your talents, your abilities and the levels of success you are able to achieve. This true essence becomes the key differentiator in your career or business that nobody else can bring. When you live authentically, the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish.

As a seasoned marketer with 20 years of high-level branding and communications experience, Toti helps executives and entrepreneurs discover their personal brand and create a plan on how to authentically promote themselves and their companies.

Networking For Success

Business networking meetings are very common and are part of the business culture in the U.S. However, there are many such meetings where we seem to collect numerous business cards without feeling like we’ve actually made a human connection. The problem is, we tend to focus on quantity over quality. It’s because we forget to authentically connect with one another by being truly present in the moment. It is commonly known that in networking meetings, most people don’t really listen – they are preoccupied with what they will say next as they wait. Unfortunately, that’s also true in life in general.

Toti will share with training participants key listening skills so they can learn to be truly present in those networking meetings, become active listeners and focus their attention on what others are saying. When the universe puts someone in front of you, it’s for a good reason and you both stand to learn something from each other. Remember, everyone is someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister or friend – so the possibilities for connection and learning are limitless!

Raising Happier Children

As parents, our biggest desire is to do the best job of raising our kids that we can. However, we often allow outside influences in the world to give our children values that don’t necessarily coincide with our own, creating unfulfilled adults. By learning better parenting skills, you’ll feel closer to your kids, be truly part of each other’s lives and see them flourish as the best person they can be. It will give them what they need to go out into the world.

Toti will demonstrate how to raise children who can be true to themselves, make better choices and avoid outside influences from determining their values. Toti can take participants through the guiding principles that will help free their children from growing up in a cookie-cutter society.

It’s All About You!

We all have an “energy bucket” – the place where we store or lose our inner feelings of accomplishment, love and self-worth. It’s so important to keep that bucket filled with positivity, but so many women are used to focusing on the needs of others and not themselves. In order to keep your bucket filled with healthy energy, it’s crucial to keep your own needs in mind.

Toti can teach participants how to achieve a healthy balance between our daily “shoulds” and “wants”, getting rid of those things that drain our energy and probably aren’t a necessary part of our day. Know when it’s OK to say “no”! We all have those friends that are energy-vampires, seemingly sucking away our life force. It’s all about letting go of the negativity and embracing the beautiful!